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Latest News

New elected board

30th may 2020
We are glad to announce that with the elections of the 30th May 2020, the new ASM board was formed. Here you can find the members elected and the positions that each one of them covers.... read more

The Nafs

17th may 2020
Why do we commit sins, knowing that we are doing something wrong? Why do we repent? The reason is our Soul, also known as Nafs... read more

Is the existence of Good and Evil humanly understandable?

9th may 2020
"How can I interpret the co-existence of Good and Evil? Why is all this happening? Where can I see the Divine intervention?" These and other religious doubts, if not clarified, could bring to a lack of Faith... read more
Ramadan, a spiritual reminder

4th Apr 2020

Ramadan is around the corner. Boost your eeman in light of Quran... read more
Blood's need never stops

17th Mar 2020

There are many ways to help your community to face this crisis... read more
Any help can make a difference

15th Mar 2020

Our country is going through a period of great emergency... read more