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About us

Officially recognised by Polimi on 28th November 2017 and sprouted up from an idea seeded two years before, ASM is the very first association of Muslim students in Italy, signed up in the most prestigious university of engineering on a national basis. Thanks to the efforts and perseverance of a small group of students with different backgrounds, this independent and non-profit association aims to target different areas in the Muslim student's academic career.

It originated from the strong need of a solid institution that unifies the Muslims and provides a platform where they can openly express themselves and point out their exigences and problems in the academic life, trying to reduce the misconceptions about Islam and fostering and strengthening the muslim identity of the students along with integration.

  • What are our goals?

    Promoting cultural exchange and social/religious tolerance;

    Promoting cultural and formative events;

    Organising and managing lectures and meetings which spread and increase awareness on topics of social and religious cohesion;

    Collaborating with the elected student representatives and the university management in order to efficiently solve academic issues concerning students;

    Offering a free tutoring and mentoring service for new bachelor students in order to adequately train them for upcoming exams.

    The most beloved to Allah are those who are most beneficial to the people

    (Mu'jam Al-Awsat 6192)

  • How do/can we achieve our goals?
We firmly believe that university should rather be a platform for a holistic development of the student and not just academic. ASM thus promotes large exposure to varied cultures at a student level so as to enrich the students from all directions and encourage mutual acceptance, respect and tolerance.