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La Nafs

17th May 2020

Why during Ramadan, which we know is the month when demons are locked up, we continue to sin? Why we find ourselves doing things we don't want... read more  
Is the existence of Good and Evil humanly understandable?

9th May 2020

"How can I interpret the co-existence of Good and Evil? Why is all this happening? Where can I see the Divine intervention?"... read more  
Ramadan, a spiritual reminder

4th Apr 2020

Ramadan is around the corner. Boost your eeman in light of Quran... read more

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About us

Officially recognised by Polimi on 28th November 2017 and sprouted up from an idea seeded two years before, ASM is the very first association of Muslim students in Italy, signed up in the most prestigious university of engineering on a national basis...


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