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What is ASM?

Founded in 28th November 2017, ASM is the very first association of Muslim students in Italy, signed up in the most prestigious university of engineering on a national basis. Thanks to the efforts and perseverance of a small group of students with different backgrounds, this independent and non-profit association aims to target different areas in the Muslim student's academic career. It originated from the strong need of a solid institution that unifies the Muslims and provides a platform where they can openly express themselves and point out their exigences and problems in the academic life, trying to reduce the misconceptions about Islam and fostering and strengthening the muslim identity of the students along with integration.

Does ASM support any political party ?

ASM does not support any political party but the electoral system within the association follows the democratic principles and all members have the right to vote.

Do I have to be Muslim to be part of ASM?

We are open to anyone. We welcome whoever believes to have something to offer and ideas to share that respect our moral principles and goals. We are strongly willing to create a solid relationship and cooperation with non Muslim associations as integration is one of the primary points in our program. Therefore, despite its denomination, ASM wasn't created to represent Muslims only but rather to stress the active presence of the Muslim community in the university environment and thus promote integration, tolerance and mutual respect. ASM wasn't founded to preach Islam but rather to break stereotypes and allow Muslims to practice and strengthen their religion in an atmosphere of brotherhood.

How can I become a member?  

Being a student of Politecnico is a prerequisite. You can contact us and wait for the membership period to start.

How can I attend Asm's events? 

We propose different kinds of events: some are open only to the members, others are addressed to the polimi students only and lastly we also organise those open to the general public. If you want to stay in the loop with Asm's events make sure you follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram page where you can find all the news of the Association. 

Where can I find the meditation rooms?

Meditation rooms are one of our greatest achievements. After years of difficulties in finding a proper place for prayer we eventually succeeded in obtaining two prayer rooms:

    >>  Leonardo, building 9, ground floor  

    >>  Bovisa, building 24, floor - 1

They are both open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 till 20:00 and on Fridays jumuah prayer is held. For more details regarding jumuah prayer (timing, khutba etc.) and prayer rooms contact us and we will add you directly in the specific WhatsApp group.