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One of the primary principles of ASM is deep and substantial education: we firmly believe that university should rather be a platform for a holistic development of the student and not simply academic, promoting large exposure to varied cultures.
ASM intends to achieve this purpose through different types of activities :
- Trips promoting cultural exchange and social/religious tolerance;
- Cultural and formative events and courses;
- Lectures and meetings which spread and increase awareness on topics of social    and religious cohesion.


26th May 2018

In collaboration with the association SUAI, ASM organised "Ramadaniamo-Sharing your flavours", its first ─░ftar.

18th April 2018

ASM arranged a conference on Halal Food held by the Sheikh Mamadou Sylla, managing director of the religious committee of World Halal Authority.

14th April 2018

Saturday morning, 14th April, the first trip promoted by ASM started. Direction: Iseo Lake and its lacustrine island.

24th March 2018

During the open day in Polimi ( 24th March), ASM got the opportunity to introduce itself to the new future students of the University, presenting its program, aspirations and principles. 

16th March 2018

"Tajweed: Advanced Course in Classical Arabic Reading" is an ongoing course led by the brother Noor in Polimi. This initiative promoted by Asm is allowing many students to learn and improve their Arabic reading.

26th February 2018 - 7th March 2018

Asm succeeded in arranging a Umrah (26th February - 7th March) as the very first humble event of the Association. The trip, which was addressed to students only, was the best way for ASM to start its journey.


2th February 2018

Conference about ''Leadership and Company Management"

In collaboration with Indonesian Students Association in Italy (PPI), ASM organised a conference about Leadership and Company Management held by the author of the books "Sharing" and "Sharing 2", Dr. Handry Satriago, CEO of General Electric Indonesia ( American multinational corporation founded in New York, 1892).